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You Get More with H. James Gitmore & Co.

There are good and bad ways to sell a structured settlement and in order to figure out the best way to proceed for your circumstances is to speak to the right settlement buyer.  From coast to coast, people call us to provide quote on the potential sale of a structured settlement.  The decision, we know after years of doing this, is not an easy one that should be made lightly or in haste.  It is why we are committed to fostering a low pressure environment where consumers feel the freedom to ask the questions they need answered and procure the information they need to make an educated decision.

Our process of providing information and quotes in connection with selling structured settlement payments is easy and designed with you in mind.  During the initial phone call, we gather no more information than is necessary to provide you with answers you are looking for.  Here are examples of types of calls we handle, every day:

  1. Information call: People unfamiliar with what is involved if you were to sell structured settlement contact us looking for nothing more than an explanation of the process, what is involved, and how long it will take. These potential customers may or may not be looking for quotes if they were to sell a structured settlement.  Whether or not they are looking for an offer or just basic information, we are happy to talk to them and walk them through what is involved.  Obviously there is no cost to this and always there is no pressure to sell a structured settlement to us.

  2. Call for Quotes:  Frequently, people want quotes for their structured settlement.  Whether they already have spoken to another structured settlement buyer or at the very early stages, our goal is to provide you with what you feel is the best offer for your situation.  Sometimes this happens when we design the first proposal for you, other times we may go through many different options until you feel we have found the one that meets your needs.  Knowing the import of the decision, we are more than happy to take as much time as needed.

When you are looking to sell structured settlement- whether it is the whole thing or just part- you want to work with a company/buyer you can trust.  With years of experience, millions funded, and happy customers that return to us, we are that group and look forward to proving it to you.